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Protected by the Sierra de Almijara mountains Nerja has its own micro-climate which includes approximately 320 days of sunshine per year. It has a temperate, sub-tropical climate which means that in winter the daytime temperatures rarely fall below 18ºC and in summer it never gets the sweltering temperatures of inland Spain.

There is little rainfall but what there is tends to fall during the winter months of November, December and January. This does vary at times from year to year and now with the climate change the weather, as every where in the world, has become a bit unpredictable. The good news is that even when it does rain you can be sure that the sun will soon show its happy face.

The Nerja weather allows you to really enjoy the outdoor life both in summer and winter. There are many golf courses along the coast, with one only a 10 minutes drive from the Nerja.

Nerja is one of the few places in the world where on the same day you can enjoy world class skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a round of golf and a swim in the wonderful Mediterranean Sea.

The Sierra de Almijara rises to over 1800 metres to the north of Nerja, and it acts as a formidable barrier against the cooler northerly winds that occasionally affect much of the rest of Spain during the winter months. It seldom rains during the summer months and the afternoon sea breeze keeps everything pleasantly refreshing. In fact, a survey suggests, that this part of the Costa del Sol experiences the best all-year-round weather in Europe.

Weather in Nerja in January

Average Maximum 22C/63F Average Minimum 14C/48F Days with rain falling 7

Even when it rains the sun usually breaks through on the same day to dry and warm things up. January is considered the coolest month of the year but it is paradise when compared to Northern Europe. It is a great month for long walks and mountain climbing. If you climb to the top of Cuesta del Cielo just outside Nerja, on a clear day you will be able to see Morocco.

Weather in Nerja in February

Average Maximum 22C/64F Average Minimum 14C/48F Days with rain falling 6

This month is much the same as January with hints of Spring in the air. Flowers and plants start to bud by mid-February and the wonderful almond blossoms colour the landscape.

Weather in Nerja in March

Average Maximum 22C/68F Average Minimum 15C/52F Days with rain falling 5

In March early risers usually enjoy the best of the weather. A magical sunrise will get you going and by noon you will be in T-shirt and short pants. Some rainy intervals will appear and none will be happier for it than the flowers, plants and the birds.

Weather in Nerja in April

Average Maximum 23C/72F Average Minimum 15C/54F Days with rain falling 5

The tough ones, mostly Norwegans, will to taking their first swim of the year. Lunch on the beach is usually on the agenda for the day.

Weather in Nerja in May

Average Maximum 24C/75F Average Minimum 15C/59F Days with rain falling 4

This is definitely the best month to visit Nerja if you are into walking or sightseeing in the mountains. All plants, flowers and shrubs are now in full bloom and the bees are humming and the birds are singing. Any outing is a delight because the sun still does not have the bite of the summer months that will follow.

Weather in Nerja in June

Average Maximum 27C/81F Average Minimum 18C/64F Days with rain falling 1

The sun beats down relentlessly from a clear blue sky, creating evaporation off the sea and hazier, lazier days. It is definitely beach weather and time to seriously work on your suntan. June has the first day of summer and with it the longest days of the year. The sun sets as late as almost 10 o’clock. From now until the end of September it is very rare to get any rain. It is sunny blue skies every single day in Nerja.

Weather in Nerja in July

Average Maximum 29C/84F Average Minimum 20C/68F Days with rain falling 1

July is much like June but hotter. If you don’t have air-conditioning you may experience restless nights and end up sleeping on the terrace gazing up at the starry sky and full moon.

Weather in Nerja in August

Heat! Heat! Heat! That is August in Nerja. It is the time for walking on the shady side of the street, the beach, the pool, a cool drink and moving slowly and a moon dance. The atmosphere in Nerja in August is electric. It is really the top of the summer season with lots of people from all countries of the world on visit for a good time.

Weather in Nerja in September

Average Maximum 28C/82F Average Minimum 19C/66F Days with rain falling 2

Usually by mid-September the heat finally breaks in Nerja. It can be a much welcomed
rain shower or just a cooler breeze coming down from the north. The water is at its warmest and with the evenings now a bit cooler you can breathe fresh air once again.
It is a great time to enjoy all the fresh local fruits.

Weather in Nerja in October

Average Maximum 24C/75F Average Minimum 17C/63F Days with rain falling 5

If you prefer the autumn to the spring you will prefer October to May which are very similar. The weather then in Nerja is moderate and very pleasant. October can be the wettest month of the year but after all the months of intense heat it is only more than welcome both for people and all the plant and animal life.

Weather in Nerja in November

Average Maximum 20C/68F Average Minimum 12C/54F Days with rain falling 7

The days are now much shorter and it has hints of the beginning of the winter season.
Some will still take a swim in the sea but compasses are usually set for long walks in the mountains to enjoy the flora and fauna. You can now once again sunbath without protection and let the natural rays of the sun do marvels for your skin.

Weather in Nerja in December

Average Maximum 18C/64F Average Minimum 10C/50F Days with rain falling 7

As with everywhere else in Europe December is about Christmas and ringing in the New Year. You might see snow on the mountain tops but never in Nerja or on the Coast del Sol. On a typical Christmas day you can have lunch on your terrace, take a great digestive walk on the beach and work on your suntan for a least a couple of hours.
The same can be said of New Year’s day.

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